Turn Your Garden into an Art Gallery

From on September 14, 2009 in Landscaping


Outdoor garden pots with built-in lighting

How cool are these? I love the whole concept. The lit garden pots can be used to warm up your landscape or mark a garden path. Created by Spanish company Vondom, the innovative pots are from the LLUM collection.


This sexy décor feature offers you stylish garden pots during the day and a unique, warm glow in the evening. Perfect for indoors or outdoors, the LLUM product line integrates self-watering devices in every model and includes wheels for easy mobility. And the pots are frost-resistant and ideal for any season.

garden art pots

Available in soft colors, such as red, orange, green, blue, and violet, you’ll be able to create just the right mood. The garden pots also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Translucent LED tables

These fabulous, modern designer tables from German company Moree are perfect for any room. You can adjust the brightness via foot dimmer switches. Turn off the lights and let the table set the mood.


With built-in multicolor LED bulbs and remote controls to change the colors, you can mix them or use three pre-set colors. And they come in different sizes and are UV-resistant.

Pour yourself a tequila sunrise and relax with your friends.

More than a touch of sophistication!