Tools & Tips: Landscaping with Wood

From on June 02, 2008 in Landscaping

picket fenceWood is such a versatile material, it is no wonder it has become the backbone of the building industry worldwide (concrete masons may have a word or two with me on that one, but I’m a carpenter so wood it is). One area of home improvement where you might not immediately think “wood” is landscaping. In the land where soil and fertilizer and mulch (which contains wood, to be fair) prevail, wood can be used beneficially to form up your landscape project.

Wood is most commonly used in landscaping for two things: raised beds and fencing. Raised beds are popular for not just gardening but also to create decorative levels in landscaping. Pressure treated lumber and cedar are the most common types of wood used. Although it is more expensive, I prefer cedar because it is naturally resistant to insects and rot and therefore eco-friendly. You can use wood such as fir or pine for raised beds, but don’t expect more than five or six years from them.

Cedar is also the most popular wood used for fencing. Picket fences, due to the wide variety of styles, are quite advantageous in landscaping. Although wood privacy fences live up to their name and still can create a pleasing border for your landscape.

Another great use for wood in landscaping is, go figure, building a structure! Use wood to create a trellis, arbor, pergola, gazebo, or just a plain old deck. And don’t forget your stylish outdoor shed. The possibilities for wood seem endless at times, that’s what makes it such a fun material to work with, especially in landscaping, when it is so often put to an artistic use.

Talk to a professional landscaper about your custom wood project.