The Ultimate Rose Garden

From on June 19, 2008 in Landscaping

rose gardenRoses are one of the most beloved varieties of flowers, and we are always in awe and envious admiration of that person who has the ultimate rose garden. Well, with some careful cultivation and diligent attention, you also can have a beautiful rose garden.

Roses prefer a sunny location with well-drained nutrient rich soil. Building raised beds is a good way to ensure good soil quality. You can purchase rose plants at any local nursery or at many all-purpose stores. Choose varieties that are well-suited for your local climate. There are two types of rose plants to choose between: budded and own-rooted plants. The budded varieties are grafted, and tend to have stronger root-systems. Own-root varieties tend to be hardier and to have a longer lifespan.

Your plants should be planted about 24 inches apart. Roses prefer even moisture in their soil and are best watered by soaker hoses or drip irrigation. Mulch will help to maintain the moisture content while helping to prevent weeds. An all-purpose fertilizer such as triple 10 or 12 applied in the spring and fall will encourage the roses to thrive. There are also specific rose fertilizers you can purchase as well as more organic options. Proper preparation of the site will help to prevent the cause and spread of diseases. Roses do tend to be susceptible to diseases and insects and can be treated with organic sprays.

Roses bloom for extended periods of time, and will bring beauty and tranquility to any landscape. Build an extensive garden, or simply accentuate your patio with a single plant. Request free estimates today from landscape contactors in your area to prepare your location for your garden project.