The Sunken Garden

From on May 06, 2008 in Landscaping

Sunken Gardens

The sunken garden, what an alluring and mystical title! What exactly is a sunken garden, and how can you create one in your yard? Actually, a sunken garden can have two different meanings. You can either duplicate the famous botanical Sunken Gardens of St. Petersburg Florida; or create something completely different more in the literal sense.

The Sunken Gardens are one of Florida’s oldest tourist attractions. The gardens encompass over 4 acres of tropical and sub-tropical plants. Sprinkled amongst the luscious beauty are splashing waterfalls, ponds, and butterfly gardens. Botanical gardens support scientific research, conservation of endangered species, and educational purposes. If you are a plant expert, creating your own mini-botanical garden can be a wonderful way to do something different with your backyard.

Winding Garden

Another intriguing idea, and a great way to capitalize on a sloped landscape, is to create an actual sunken garden. Just picture the serenity of a winding pathway descending down into a central area covered in green lawns and colorful flowers. On one end is a fountain in which birds are happily splashing. It’s a warm summer day, and you can retreat to the privacy and seclusion of your own hidden garden. Tall trees or some other form of natural barrier surround the garden. For added effect and privacy, build a fence or plant tall hedges. You can train ivy to cover the fence, creating more of a natural effect. If your yard is not naturally sloped, you can always have your landscaper remove enough soil to create a sunken effect. This photo, featured in our “Turn your yard into the Butchard Gardens” is an example of a sunken garden on a larger scale. Just imagine it downsized to fit your yard.

These are just some more examples of the many unique designs you can consider incorporating into your landscape. Request a free-estimate from a professional contractor in your area today to create your dream landscape.