The Outdoor Kitchen: Bringing Summer Entertaining to the Next Level

From on May 22, 2008 in Landscaping

outdoor bbqOne very popular trend in backyard entertaining these days is the outdoor kitchen. With a host of summer holidays approaching, why not spruce up that barbeque area with the convenience of an outdoor kitchen? Outdoor kitchens can become quite elaborate, sometimes more expensive and expansive than the main kitchen. There is a wide range of features that can be included, and many ways to ensure the project fits within your budget. Also, check out our custom outdoor barbecue gallery for great outdoor grill ideas.

Running water isn’t required, but is definitely a desirable feature. Cleanliness is important in food preparation and if you can clean up and wash your hands as you go without having to make frequent trips indoors, it can be more sanitary and less of an effort. Depending on the fuel required for your cooking stove, the plumbing contractor can also run gas lines.

Most of us entertain in the evening hours, and adequate lighting is essential. The electrical contractor can run weatherproof wiring directly to the kitchen area facilitating lighting, as well as providing electrical outlets for small appliances.

Once the basics are in place, the fun part begins: selecting the cooking source and the accompanying cabinetry. You can just have a simple barbeque or a complete kitchen package complete with a mini-fridge, sink, cooktop, and grill. This allows for easy food preparation, cold drinks, and quick clean-up.

Contact certified professionals to push your summer entertaining to the next level.