The Small, Modern Garden

From on July 10, 2008 in Landscaping

Modern GardenUnless you live in the country and are an avid gardener, there is a good chance that your garden space is limited. You have a desire to garden, but you don’t want your backyard dominated by fruits and veggies. The whole idea behind the modern garden concept is to create something functional, eye-catching, and in keeping with the overall design of your whole house.

Small Goes A Long Way

One Domino Magazine example depicts an orderly concept that subtly incorporates planterbeds with patio furniture, privacy, and low-maintenance, all within a small and compact space. Check out the entire slideshow of simple but creative yard spaces: Backyard Paradise. As you’ll see, small, contemporary gardens can still have wow factor while conserving water and displaying clean, uncluttered design that’s relaxing at the same time.

Contemporary = Green

Modern garden design is more than just contemporary features; it embraces the concept of more eco-friendly living. Design is intended to reduce water and energy use, to encourage more energy efficiency around the house, and to support a healthier lifestyle. The materials used in creating these gardens are also intended to support this ideal. Build planters and decks out of recycled materials, avoid using chemical products and fertilizers, and reduce the amount of lawn and water-guzzling plants. Modern design purposefully reduces the need for extensive maintenance. Life is fast-paced, and not many of us have the time to spend hours maintaining our yards.

If you’re looking for a professional to help you with the work, here are some photos of everything from patio landscaping and hardscapes to large landscaping and river rock possibilities, taken by the contractors we’ve certified: Ideas Gallery, Landscaping.