10 Things Homeowners Get Rid of Most during Landscape Remodeling

From on May 06, 2008 in Landscaping

Before you can even begin creating your dream yard, there normally are some large obstacles in your way that just have to go. What do homeowners get rid of the most while landscaping, and what should you look for in your yard? Your remodel is far more likely to be successful if you carry out the work in an organized manner. Part of that organization includes starting with a clean slate, which will help your landscaping contractor to be able to work hindrance-free. Ten areas you can address ahead of time include the following:

#1. Remove any old out-buildings.

Unless they are really an attractive asset, you might as well remove the old buildings and just incorporate a new and better one into your scheme. That way, you can choose the placement, and create something more attractive and complementing to your theme.

#2. Remove any unhealthy trees, plants or lawn.

If you’re going to take the time and money required to transform your landscape, you don’t want your project to appear poor in quality. Unhealthy plants can not only be unattractive, but can also spread disease to your new foliage.

#3. Remove all unwanted rocks, stumps, and roots.

Unless purposefully incorporated into your landscape, you should remove all other rocks, stumps, or roots. These can interfere with the growth of your plants and lawns, and cause other problems.

#4. Throw out unwanted limbs.

Clean borders are very important to a beautiful design, and overgrown trees and plants are not attractive.

#5. Break down and replace the old decking or patio material.

There is no point in continuing to fight your dilapidating deck or patio. It’s time to update it to a modern, low-maintenance material.

#6. Remove old plumbing and irrigation systems.

Over time, irrigation tubing and hoses tend to deteriorate from the elements. They will crack and eventually leak, needing replacement.

#7. Throw out the outdated rocks.

A popular trend beginning in the late sixties was to accessorize the front of homes and to build planter beds out of certain types of rock. Unfortunately, some of those rocks are now terribly outdated, and should be replaced.

#8. Replace the fence.

No matter how excellently manufactured or installed, fencing material over time will need repair or replacement.

#9. Get rid of poorly installed water features.

Water features can be great additions to a yard, or great detriments. Unless yours was properly installed to begin with, there’s a good chance that it is more work than it’s worth.

#10. Throw out the maintenance.

One of the largest incentives for renovating your landscaping is to reduce your time spent in routine maintenance. Although not technically a “thing,” tiresome maintenance can rear its ugly head and make your summers a nightmare.

Clean up your life and yard this spring and update your landscape to a modern, functional system. Request free estimates today from pre-screened contractors in your area.