Summer Upkeep Projects

From on July 30, 2009 in Landscaping

Don’t let your summer go to waste! It’s a perfect time to upgrade your house or landscaping with a summer project. One of the best things about completing some (or all) of these assignments is the added value you return to your property. And, of course, the showers of praise from your friends… Perk up the patio patio-barbeque.jpgPhoto Credit: eyeliam The backyard deck or patio is the ideal meeting place for social hangouts & summer barbeques.If yours has fallen off over the years, there are ways to perk it up. By simply planting more flowers and greenery, you change the patio’s entire atmosphere. Pick up some large planter pots, various types of sun/shade flowers, potting soil and a string of cool outdoor lights for after dark. You may also want to add some rose bushes or a dogwood for extra privacy. Upgrade sprinkler system Now is a great time to update your sprinkler system. Check the entire system to make sure its range and pressure are functioning at 100 percent. Certain sprinklers clog or stop rotating. If some of these jet sprayers have conked out, your lawn will suffer. Spot watering can get tiresome and isn’t always effective. Take a weekend and tweak the sprinkler system—your plants will love you for it. Address heating and cooling Save on energy bills! With federal stimulus money available through tax credits, homeowners can reap the rewards of going green. One way to do that is to get your furnace inspected and tuned up. Your old system may have a greater heat-loss ratio if it hasn’t received regular maintenance. Other ways to streamline your home include: new roofing, insulating the attic, adding heat vents on the roof ridge and sealing cracks around windows & doors. Cut back deadwood Neighborhood clean-up day is a great way to shed your trees of its deadwood. The spring is the best time of the year to prune trees, but dead limbs or small branches can be cut anytime. This reduces the risk of falling lumber and gives your home extra curb appeal. High winds or heavy snow can easily snap old branches, so get rid of those potential dangers. garden-arbor.jpgPhoto Credit: goose3five Other summer projects

  • Create a pathway
  • Get new window treatments
  • Install an arbor
  • Install a backyard fountain
  • Paint the house