Spring Landscape Cleaning

From on April 21, 2008 in Landscaping

After the howling winds, flooding rains, and heavy snows of winter, there;s a good change your yard has taken quite a beating. Not to mention the new growth that has already begun to takeover. Many of us include yard cleanup as part of our spring cleaning chores. Depending on what abuse your yard has suffered this past winter, you may have erosion issues, fallen limbs, broken retaining walls, and millions of leaves and needles to shovel and sweep. So break out the garden gloves and rake, there’s plenty to do!

Remove any loose debris.

Inspect your trees carefully for any “widow makers,” loose limbs that can fall suddenly. Your landscaper can remove any dead or loose limbs and improve the tree’s appearance at the same time. Look for any other trimming or pruning that is beneficial at the same time. Instead of hauling away the trimmings, have your landscaper shred them into decorative bark groundcover.

Give your decks, patios, out-buildings, retaining walls, and planters a once over.

Now is the time to repair, renovate, and freshen up each of these areas. Take advantage of having your landscaper around and get your yard in ship-shape condition for maximum summer-enjoyment.

Perform a thorough inspection on your irrigation systems.

Have your landscaping contractor fire up your irrigation system, or install a new one, and make sure you don’t have any broken pipes left over from the frozen days of winter. You might look for any improvements you can make such as additional drip-irrigation or timers while you’re at it.

Dive into the small stuff.

Pull out that rake and dig into that massive collection of wet and soggy leaves. You can use the leaves and needles for mulch and compost, or your neighborhood may have curb-side pickup.

Although a time consuming and tiresome task, cleaning up after the wrath of winter storms has to be completed. Give yourself a break this year, and hire a professional landscaping contractor to make your life a little easier.