Spring Is for Sprinklers

From on April 23, 2009 in Landscaping

It has been a brutal winter for much of the country this year, but spring is finally here and fair weather is taking over. (Ignore the fact that it snowed in Detroit during the Final Four.) That means the snow has melted and your lawn, garden, and landscaping are coming out of hibernation. As is the sun, with summer coming fast on springtime’s heels. grass.jpgPhoto Credit: wili hybrid Even though those April showers are just getting round to bringing May flowers, it’s not too early to think about water. Water for the garden. Water for the lawn. Perhaps this year’s project is a newly sodded lawn or some additions to the landscape architecture. The more plants or fresh grass added, the more the need for regular watering. That means many of you will be pondering sprinkler systems this year. There is plenty to do in a day without having to remember to water the yard, not to mention moving the sprinkler around. CalFinder can help you work through the spring whirlwind that is figuring out this year’s garden and landscaping upgrades. Come check out the new sprinkler system section in our Sprinkler System Library. We can also help you move closer to your state of the art sprinkler system with free estimates from local landscaping contractors.