Show Off Your Spring Flowers

From on May 22, 2008 in Landscaping

Spring FlowersSpring brings new life to all aspects of nature, and one of our favorites is the abundant supply of colorful flowers. There are some exciting ways to show off your flower displays while complimenting your house at the same time.

Planting flowers in choice places is a great way to dress up your front yard. Window boxes can be painted an accent color and filled with vibrant blooms all season long. Another way to accessorize the house is to train climbing roses or flowers up a trellis. A trellis can be placed between windows, beside a door, or on the front of a porch. Certain varieties of flowering plants can also be trained to climb up the columns of a porch, or over a delicate arch at the foot of your pathway.

Decorative pots are another great way to display flowers. These can be suspended from a porch ceiling, placed strategically around the front yard, or hung from wrought iron posts.

Your backyard presents a whole new set of options. Here again, attractive pots, planter boxes, and trellises all work well on a patio or in a courtyard. Work within the architecture of your yard. Train climbing flowers to grow along a fence, around the curves of a gazebo, or accenting a water feature. Work with a landscaper to design a plan for your flower beds.

Incorporate flowers into the theme of the yard. If it is your hobby to collect antique ranch equipment, for example, use your accent pieces as unique flower displays.

One thing is certain: you can never have too many flowers. Work with your landscaping contractor to choose varieties of plants and flowers that will bloom and fill your life with delightful color all season long.