Redefining the Outdoor Shed

From on May 22, 2008 in Landscaping

Garden ShedIf you were in search for the limits of home and landscape design creativity, you might just throw your hands up in surrender upon glimpsing what so many homeowners have done with their old garden sheds. Yes, sheds—those old havens for spiders and shovels long forgotten—are now a nook for unconventional, no holds barred design and decoration.

Stylish ShedsIn her new book, “Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways,” Debra Prinzing scoured the nation documenting these re-imagined garden sheds. With hundreds of photographs by William Wright, the book highlights several sheds that have been transformed into intimate spaces used for anything from cocktails to worship. The book documents each homeowner’s goals and materials used, along with unique challenges and their solutions. The sheds were restored, refitted, or built from scratch, but what really stands out is the level of creativity at which the projects stand.

An example includes a Nordic-style pavilion made from reclaimed redwood and sheltered by a grass roof that sits on a farm in the Santa Cruz mountains. Another is a cactus-filled artist’s studio or an orange and blue themed greenhouse called the Mod Pod that doubles as a party room in warm weather. The list of these creative and idiosyncratic backyard hideaways goes on.

From cupolas and turrets to French doors and chandeliers, the outdoor shed has undergone a facelift that would leave its utilitarian forbears in uncontrollable shock. Prinzing’s book illustrates a new movement in home and garden decoration and rejuvenation. And because it’s separate from the house you can wash away conventional, safe thinking and embrace your sense of adventure and art and go for it.