Put Your Plant on Life Support: Self-Watering Plant Pots

From on September 28, 2009 in Landscaping

Green thumb or not, remembering to water your plant can be the most difficult of horticultural tasks. There’s the when, how much and at what frequency - and believe me, all plants are not created equal. self-watering potted plant iv But thanks to modern medicine (and a funky UK design company), you can order an I.V. drip for your dehydrated vegetation. The Vitamin I.V. Plant Pot is a whole watering system complete with a sleek and stylish planter, a metal stand and refillable hydrating bag. The pot itself comes in either black or white and is made from lightweight fiberglass. Its shape is unique, somewhat like a space shuttle capsule, but much shinier. The metal stand adjusts to fit the size of your plant and looks so oddly realistic – just like what great granddad sports around the home. Very stylish indeed. The tubing regulator can be set according to your plants’ hydration needs. You even have the option of dripping plain water or water that’s been infused with dissolvable plant food or fertilizer. self-watering potted plant iv I’m not sure how long one bag of liquid lasts, but you won’t need to remember refilling it nearly as often as you’d be hand-watering, so at least you’ve bought yourself a matter of weeks. One thing is for sure – I may be pretty good now at remembering to water my plants, but as I get older, it will surely be handy to have self-watering planters. And if my kids have any trouble remembering to keep me hydrated, they can just get another one for me!