Organic Swimming Pools

From on August 18, 2010 in Landscaping

organic pool ideas

While there’s nothing better than that retro swimming-pool smell in the summer, chlorinated pools are causing increasing health concerns, including asthma and wheezing in kids, and unhealthy natural chemical breakdowns—not to mention green hair. Many avid swimmers and homeowners are looking to “greener” swimming choices for their back yards.

Natural Swimming Pools

organic swimming pool

One elegant and eco-friendly European option gaining popularity in the U.S. is the idea of natural pools, which have lower maintenance and installation costs than conventional pools. A self-sustaining mini-ecosystem, the pool is supposed to be clean enough to drink (though being able to might not mean wanting to).

organic natural pool

And, as far as aesthetics, these organic pools can look incredibly unique and beautiful. So if you’re considering putting in a new pool in time for next summer, talk to a professional and go over all your options.

Photo Credit: Paris Guide & The Daily Green