Most Popular Styles in Fences

From on April 10, 2008 in Landscaping

A fence provides privacy and a boundary to clearly define your “little patch of earth.” A fence can serve the practical purpose of containing animals or can simply be a decorative element in your landscaping theme. Fences come in a variety of materials that are designed to meet specific purposes. The way the rails are arranged can determine its function as well. The following encompass popular fencing styles.

  • Privacy fences. These are best obtained through tongue and grove boards, overlapping the boards to prevent any cracks, or weaving the boards together. Normally six feet or taller, these fences work well in compact neighborhoods without a lot of trees for privacy. These fences can be constructed out of wood, vinyl, brick, or concrete.
  • Ranch or animal fences. These are more defined by the spacing of the rails than anything else. Normally constructed in a post and rail style, horizontal rails connect to vertical posts spaced eight feet apart. The rails can either be straight or crossed for more design, while still containing the animals. Chain-link fences are another popular and common choice for animal control. Not necessarily one of the most attractive choices, but very functional.
  • Attractive designs and materials. Wood has timeless beauty, vinyl is low-maintenance, and cast iron has an elegant look all of its own. There are a number of different ways to install the fencing that will add even more style. White picket fences are a classic; and staggering the boards or rods for a scalloped appearance is another approach. Add decorative post tops for even more flare. Boards come in different designs as well. Choose from a basic flat top, a dog ear design, a carved French Gothic, or a simple Gothic. Just a simple touch of style can make the difference between a boring fence and an attractive addition to your landscape.

Discuss your fencing needs with your landscaping contractor, and choose a style that is both functional and brings personality to your yard. Request a free estimate today from a professional landscaper.