Luxurious Water Features Are Easy, Too

From on April 21, 2008 in Landscaping

koi pondAccording to Ned Bowen of Chris Donovan Associates, there aren’t many drawbacks to having a pond in the yard. They simply make the yard more beautiful, and the work involved is minimal. Bowen says the one maintenance procedure you’ll need to stay on top of is dumping the leaves from the net where the filter is placed. Every day, you ask? More like once a week. Sounds easy enough, right?

Another concern with water features is the potential to attract pests. Even this, Bowen says, is nothing to lose sleep about. “Birds will sit in the pond, the fish eat the bugs, and because it is running water, no mosquitoes will ever be a problem,” he explains.

If you’re thinking of installing a waterfall – they typically come with ponds. The average pond, which is 11 x 16 and holds 2,500 gallons of water, costs $6,000 and comes with a 10-foot stream. If you worry that your yard is too small for these water features, cross that hindrance off your list as well. Ponds suit yards of all sizes because they come in all sizes, too. “You can have a very small pond, or a really big one,” Bowen says. “The waterfall should be equated to the size of the pond. If you have a small pond, Niagra Falls wouldn’t really look good.”

It’s also possible to install a waterfall without a corresponding pond. Thus, the pondless waterfall. Ned explains the process. “You dig a 2-foot hole, put a lot of small pebble rocks in it, and then put the filter at the bottom of the rocks, so you can recirculate the water.” Waterfalls can be tall, short, cascading, side by side, double, or triple flowing. The choice depends on the homeowner.

In addition to ponds and waterfalls, Bowen recommends Japanese gardens and bogs. However, in his experience, the former are most popular. Chris Donovan Associates cater to a range of creative requests from their clients, including building decks around the water features, installing bridges to go from one side to the other, and installing lights both under water and around the pond. Don’t forget the different flowers and plants available to accentuate it all, and of course, outdoor benches to relax and enjoy your new, easy as pie landscaping.

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