Landscaping Tips for Families with Young Children

From on April 15, 2008 in Landscaping

Being a parent or caregiver of small children is a tremendously rewarding, but sometimes tiring occupation. With the warm sunny weather of spring, children begin to long for the great outdoors. Unless you have unlimited time to follow your children around the yard for hours on end, you need a safe space where they can play while supervised from a distance. Apart from removing obvious dangerous obstacles such as sharp objects and deep water sources, be sure to set up your landscaping to be hazard-free as well. Begin with fencing. You want an enclosed area that not only keeps your children contained, but prevents intruders from threatening their safety also. A fence at least six feet in height with minimal spaces between the boards allows for maximum privacy and prevents children from trying to climb through the slats. You might consider installing a security sensor that will alert you to the gate being opened. Choose plants that are allergy-free and not poisonous. The asthma rate among children has risen alarmingly in the recent decade, and preventing the development of sensitivity to allergens early on is important. Additionally, if your child is at the “discovery stage” of eating everything in sight, you want to make sure none of your plants or trees have poisonous leaves or flowers. Supervision is important, but you want to avoid those times when the child is quicker than your eye. Provide lots of open space for romping. There is nothing like a large green lawn for children to tumble and play upon. Lawn provides a soft, clean, and cool surface. Children are great at finding dirt, so use as much clean ground covering as possible. Bark and pea gravel are two examples of materials that are kind to little knees and elbows. Provide adequate shade. Start your child off early with good sun-habits. Be sure your yard has plenty of shade to shield that young and delicate skin from the sun’s harmful rays. If trees are hard to come by, you can substitute a gazebo, covered courtyard, or awning for artificial shade. Once you have the basics in place, have fun accessorizing your yard with safe playground furniture. Include some comfortable patio furniture for your own comfort once you can finally sit down and enjoy your children from a relaxing distance. Spring is quickly approaching and children don’t like to wait, so begin your yard transformation today and request free estimates from certified landscaping contractors.