Landscaping Ideas for Families Who Love Sports

From on October 30, 2008 in Landscaping

It’s autumn and sports are at their peak. The World Series is in full swing. Beers, brats, and touchdowns dominate weekend entertainment. Hockey and basketball are set to usher us into the new year. Bringing this love of sports away from the television and into the backyard is a great way for many families to get together and have some friendly competition. So instead of tramping through the garden and crashing over the hedge or into a tree, why not incorporate your family’s love of sports into your landscaping design? Even beyond sports, having your landscape reflect the family’s many interests in its design is a good idea. So how to go about it? There are several ways to balance sport and beauty. First of all, the front yard will tend to be the area that you landscape for the appreciation of others. So utilizing the backyard to meet your own needs makes perfect sense. Here are a few ideas: Soccer in the backyardGo Long! Whether it be football, baseball, soccer, badminton, or some other sport, a long run of open grass is key to safe and enjoyable backyard play. Two lines of fruit trees, say, would create a natural playing field between them and some tasty apple pies on Thanksgiving. Perhaps some outdoor benches so the grandparents can watch the game. Deuce! When I was young, my neighbors down the road a bit had built a tennis court in the backyard for their kids. They were friendly enough to let the neighborhood kids, myself included, play tennis on summer afternoons. One thing they did to mask the obtrusive tennis court, complete with tall chain-link fencing as backstops, was plant trees surrounding the area. Not a bad idea for the ambitious sporting family. Just remember, especially if you decide on deciduous trees, be wary of the cleanup and maintenance necessary in autumn and spring. Read the Signs. My ideas so far assume that you have a decent swath of land to work with. Just because you have a small yard doesn’t mean that your landscaping cannot reflect your love of sports. Remember that most of the time, sports family or not, the backyard will be a place of rest and relaxation. So incorporating sports symbols into the landscape design can make it an even more comfortable place to be. If you’re into fishing…how about a fish pond and relevant lawn sculptures? If you’re more into mind games…how about a stone chess board with benches under an arbor? You get the idea. Your home, inside and out, should always reflect who you are. If you keep that point in mind, then you really won’t need too many tips on how to design your landscape; you’ll know what to do. Furthermore, if you are still have trouble coming up with ideas or you just don’t have the time to implement them, don’t forget the myriad of qualified landscaping contractors that will do the dirty work for you! Find CalFinder-Certified Landscaping Contractors in: