Landscaping Can Create your Own Private Retreat

From on April 17, 2008 in Landscaping

Privacy Fence

Do you feel like you live in a fishbowl, and does “Doris” across the street know every detail of your life? Maybe it’s time to encourage Doris to watch “Days of our Lives” on TV instead of out of her front window, and take some measures to add some privacy to your home.

Privacy is highly-valued amongst the majority of American families, and creating privacy within your own home and yard is the most important of all. Not only do you want to live your life quietly and peacefully, but privacy is important to the safety of your family as well.

A fence is one of the quickest and most effective forms of privacy. There are many attractive materials and designs to choose from that can fit seamlessly into your yard. Some cites and subdivisions have specific rules regarding fencing, so be sure to research ahead of time what is allowed in your neighborhood.

A timeless classic made famous by old-fashioned TV shows, the hedge plant is a wonderful natural “fence.” This thick plant can grow very tall, and can be trimmed and designed to meet your specifications.

Trees are a beautiful, multi-purpose form of privacy. Evergreen varieties never lose their foliage, and will provide year-round protection. The Arizona Cyprus and Thugia trees are two fast and close growing evergreen varieties.

You can always create a layered effect with your landscaping. Start with building as tall of a fence as is allowed and attractive. Next, plant a row of fast-growing trees. Below that complete your “wall of privacy” with attractive plants and flowers. You don’t want your yard to appear as though you are hiding from something. What you want is to provide some attractive, adequate privacy along with a beautiful design. Talk with a certified landscaping contractor today to start planning.