Landscape with Beautiful Recycled Glass

From on October 29, 2009 in Landscaping

Every year, we toss over thirty billion glass bottles into the trash. That staggering amount of discarded glass is creating an environmental problem nearly beyond control. EnviroSCAPEEnviroGLAS is one of those rare companies that had an idea and turned it into an innovation to benefit the environment. EnviroSCAPE is one such innovation. The product turns trashed glass into something useful and eco-friendly. It can also contribute seven or more LEED points to your building project. EnviroSCAPE

  • Glass mulch - Sounds weird. Looks awesome. Works great. EnviroSCAPE takes glass and produces a mulch compound that is safe, smooth, weed-resistant, moisture-retaining and moderating of soil temperatures. It’s a perfect solution for attractive flowerbed mulching, hedge mulching, or anywhere else mulch is needed. With glass mulch, the color options are endless.
  • Aquarium lining - The variety in color, size and texture of EnviroSCAPE’s recycled glass make it a perfect choice for your aquarium or fish pond. Rather than fill them with the non-recycled variety, give your fish a green break with EnviroSCAPE’s product.
  • EnviroSAND – You’d be surprised at how many places we use sand. We use sand in golf course sand traps, beaches, construction sites, home sandboxes, path liners, soil additives and elsewhere. Glass, which is essentially made from the same elements as sand, works great when turned back into sand. As such, it is an ideal green option wherever sand is needed.

Totally Green

EnviroSCAPE is a product that helps people help the environment. It is made from 100% recycled materials and the company is passionate about environmental protection, green building, and sustainability.