Is Your Yard a Fire Hazard? How You Can Tell

From on August 15, 2008 in Landscaping

house fire hazardMost everybody doesn’t know that their yards, front, back or side, can be a serious fire danger to them. A lot of the time you see homes with dried grass, bushes and trees with dried dead limbs, and even belongings cluttering up the yard. Just take a look at your yard and what do you see? Simple things can really turn into safety issues.

To get a better understanding of what fire hazard could be lurking in your yard or house, you can call your local fire department and state forestry. To start, there are five hazards that can create a serious fire around the home.

  1. Fire wood against the house
  2. Debris in gutters
  3. Underbrush that begins to bed into the lawn; this becomes fuel which will create enough heat for the fire to “jump” into the trees
  4. Dried lawns and dead bushes/trees
  5. Fire pits

A couple of fire prevention tips that can help are: Good water supply and continuous watering of yard, bushes, trees and plants. Trim any of your trees up to ten feet off the ground. For more information, check out: Fire Prevention Tips and Fire Hazards.

No matter where you live there are fire restrictions. For example, in Oregon, you are not allowed to mow lawns or use a chainsaw between the hours of 1pm - 8pm. Just clean up and keep basic yard maintenance and you are on the way to being fire safe!