Convert your Small Yard from Weed Soaked to Splendid

From on May 02, 2008 in Landscaping

Small yard Weed

Many homes these days are built on small lots with proportionately small yards. Too often such yards are neglected for a perceived lack of possibility. Yet there are many great ideas for landscaping a small yard that can turn it from a weed-soaked, outdoor storage space to a pleasant, beautiful addition to your home.

Consider scale. Small, sculpted plants fit in well in a small space. Fast-growing, large plants may seem okay at first but in a few years they will overtake the yard and make it seem even smaller than it is. You can also add different levels to your yard.

Try building raised beds for your plants. You can do this yourself for minimal amounts of money and not encroach too much on the yard’s usable space. You can also use containers for planting. These take up less space and can be moved around to maximize space for special occasions or whatever your needs may be. Choose ornate containers and you’ve not only saved space but added style to your yard too!

Be aware of colors. Choose plants that will bloom in sequence so you’ll always have a beautiful array of colors to brighten up your yard. In the interest of making your yard feel bigger, plant cool colors like blue and evergreens. You can find relatively small evergreen trees that will not take up much area yet give your yard a real extensive feeling.

Use stonework. Another great idea for a small yard is a rock garden, stone pathway, border, or even a small stone wall or raised bed. Be sure to choose plants that will go well with stones and not spread too much.

Invite wildlife. Invite wildlife to your yard with a birdhouse or two and a birdbath. This can put the finishing touch on your landscaping. Especially if you live in or near the city, it sure is nice to wake up to a bird song rather than traffic. Most of all, get personal and creative. Plan your yard so that it will suit you and your lifestyle. These are but a few options and there are many more, including art, water features, pergolas/arbors, and more. If you’re just not sure, you can consult a landscaping contractor who can provide professional and creative solutions for personalizing your yard and maximizing limited space. The key here, as with any project, is to plan well and live happy in your relaxing, aromatic, natural landscape.