How to Maintain your Outdoor Cooking Area

From on May 01, 2008 in Landscaping

Outdoor BBQ

Whether you have an elaborate outdoor kitchen, or a simple patio with a barbeque, each will require a certain amount of basic maintenance and protection against the elements. Don’t become too concerned, however. With some basic preparatory steps, you can set up your area up to be low on maintenance and high on enjoyment.

Because the primary purpose of an outdoor cooking area is to make cooking more easy and fun, setting up your area correctly to begin with is imperative. Begin with a durable patio or decking surface. Stone pavers or composite decking are both products that are basically indestructible. Choose a material that won’t be damaged with any spills or grease that may fall.

Have your contractor run plumbing, electrical, and gas lines directly to the site. Imagine how easy it will be to have electrical outlets, running water, and gas at the flip of a switch. Proper installation to code is important, especially when working with electrical and gas lines in areas exposed to the elements. Be sure the lines and outlets are properly protected against water, freezing, and heat extremes. Having these simple conveniences right at your fingertips will make clean-up a breeze.

You probably will want to provide some form of shelter for your outdoor kitchen, such as a covered courtyard or an awning. Not only will you prevent excessive sun-exposure on your equipment and furniture, but you’ll be able to use the space even when there is a little rain in the air. Invest in quality covers for your cooking stove, cabinets, and furniture.

As with all food preparation, careful hygiene of all cooking spaces is very important to prevent the spread of bacteria. When sanitizing your kitchen, clean all utensils, appliances, and surface areas with antibacterial cleansers. Don’t neglect the patio surface and furniture while you’re at it. Make sure your grills have not rusted over the wet winter, and scrub and soak them in a detergent. Inspect all appliances and fixtures occasionally to make sure all burners and components are working properly.

It really is quite simple, just install the area correctly to begin with, and then clean just as you would your interior kitchen. Fire-up the grill or stove, invite your friends, and prepare to enjoy another beautiful summer.

Photo Credit: MGS Properties