Garden Passions: My 5 Ps

From on September 19, 2008 in Landscaping

Passionate gardeners know there are endless things to rave about regarding their gardens. Having stewardship over a private patch of Mother Earth is a gift that gives back so much in exchange for any and all TLC you lavish there. Today I want to share my 5 Ps with you:


Somewhere, in any garden setting, there is a location where you can place a chair or two for a private sittin’ spot. In this spot, you are shielded from neighboring views, and perhaps even from views from within your home. If you don’t have such a spot now, you can create one, and such a place can transform your garden experience. A private spot where you can relax and be with nature is regenerating and it will nurture you in many ways.



When you look at your garden from any angle, your eye should land on something of beauty. Often times, the natural loveliness that already exists there is all that’s needed from many perspectives. Take some time to wander about the garden and look around. Notice where your eyes goes. These are spots to enhance with plants, sculptures, a fountain, a bench, or a gazing ball. You can also create new focal points for viewing pleasure.


If you’re like me, you like to be out in almost any weather, if even for a short time. Long enough to feel the breeze and sense the elements in all their aliveness. Having a sheltered place to sit or stand in rain, intense sun, or snow is really important for enjoying all kinds of weather with some degree of comfort. That way you can smell the rain on the earth, or leave your sunhat off, or watch the snow fall, and you will be covered and safe.


Group seating areas, especially dining tables and chairs, are most convenient when they are placed in close proximity to the house. This way, you and your guests have easy access to restrooms and the kitchen. With creature comforts taken care of with just a few steps, it makes going back and forth from outside to inside a flowing experience. One effect this has is to blend your home and garden into each other, giving a more expansive feeling to both indoors and outdoors.


Being out in nature can give you a feeling of peace that is unique unto itself. Going on outings to beaches and mountains and forests is proof of that, and you can have big nature-drenching experiences there. But you can find a simple peace in even the smallest of gardens. Make it your intention to find the peace available to you in your personal place in nature, and that peacefulness will come and find you, too.