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From on May 23, 2008 in Landscaping


You may have noticed a healthy bloom of landscaping articles on the CalFinder blog, but we’re not the only ones who talk about gardens and yardwork. A quick look around some reputable online magazines and blogs resulted in the following harvest, from a helpful lawn debate to a report on garden thefts.

slate_logo.jpgFirst up, Slate tackles the lawn issue: real vs. fake.

Undecided about planting a water-guzzling lawn that depends on a fossil fuel powered mower? Think twice about using the fake stuff, which will probably wind up in the landfill. There are pros and cons to each, but if you take your maintenance regimen and geographical region in mind, as advised in the referenced article, you will find the more ecologically sound alternative. Or just switch to pavers.

Read the full story from Slate, Is fake grass better for the environment?

Warning: Your plants may just be too pretty

According to The Sun, garden thefts have doubled in the past year. High on the targeted list are rare plants and garden furniture. Suggestions to help defray the damage? Use heavy pots, plant boundary foliage, such as a prickly hedge, and engrave your name and address on expensive garden tools and machinery.

Need some garden inspiration?

Garden Rooms suggests white flowers, such as santolina for sunny areas, erodium, hydrangea for shrubbery, and jasmine polyanthum for vines. I can smell the jasmine already!