Fun Garden Shapes, from Triangles to Butterflies

From on April 29, 2009 in Landscaping

How come we’re not afraid to experiment with our homes, paint in bold colors, hang up crazy artwork, rearrange the furniture, even test out different architectural styles, and yet, all of our gardens (you know, the stuff people might see before they even get into your house) are still all rectangles, circles, or kidney-shaped? flower.jpgPhoto Credit: Hamed Saber This spring and summer, break out of the mold, throw caution to the wind: build a new garden in a new shape. You do, however, want to keep in mind that your new garden shape should still work well with the other garden shapes around it - you don’t want it to look too crazy or out of place. Another consideration is the lawn itself - don’t make a new garden in a shape that’s too difficult to mow around. If you must go crazy and, say, make a Z-shaped garden, you might want to think about surrounding the garden with pavers, stones or other patio materials that won’t require mowing or machinery to get into the tight corners. The shape your new garden takes on is entirely up to you and the limits of your imagination. Try to be creative and think of how it will look from different angles: from a second floor window, the driveway, an airplane, etc. Here are some creative to crazy ideas that might just suit you:


While the square, rectangle, and circle may be overdone, there are other geometric shapes. Corner gardens can be beautiful and take away the need to mow in tight spots that are difficult to turn around in. A triangle will cut off the corner of the lawn and create a garden of any size.


Picture an elegant garden of vibrant flowers in the shape of the first letter of your last name, surrounded by a circle of brick in your front yard.

garden-shapes.jpgPhoto Credit: Kitchen Gardeners

Happy Thoughts

A wilder garden may take a bit more planning and consideration, but your kids will definitely have fun helping you plan a heart-shaped garden or something with sections like a butterfly, which you can design by outlining the wings and body with large rocks you find in the yard. These, however, are definitely shapes you’ll want to surround with patio materials or something else you won’t have to mow.

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