Full Frontal Privacy

From on June 10, 2009 in Landscaping

stonebrook.jpgPhoto credit: Stonebrook Design Build

Now that I’ve gotten your full attention with that title I’ll let you in on a little secret - I’m talking about your front yard.

Ever feel like you’re being watched in your own yard? Some of us have nosy neighbors, some have yards facing busy streets—whatever the reason, we all want to feel like we are in our own private oasis when we spend time outside our home.

There are several ways in which you can enclose your front yard, depending on your main goal. If you simply desire privacy, an old-fashioned fence or masonry wall may be all you need to shut off your undesirable views. The drawback to a wall or fence is that they can give your home the sense of a cold fortress. For most people, privacy needs to come in a prettier package, where what people see from both sides of the barrier is important.

One of the prettiest solutions to gaining more seclusion in your yard is a privacy hedge. They are fairly simple and inexpensive to set up, but they take time and patience. With the right types of plants (like spirea, holly, azalea, boxwood), you can raise shrubs to the desired height or train climbing plants to fill in the area you need to create a very beautiful seclusion.

stonebrook2.jpgPhoto credit: Stonebrook Design Build The key to this solution is to consult with or hire a reputable landscaper to help you find the right plants and maintain them to grow in quick, thick, and in the right shape. Hedges are also a great noise and pollution reducer, if heavy traffic is what you’re trying to get away from.

Another great idea for creating more privacy in your front yard is to build an outdoor living area that enhances your life while separating you from your neighbors or traffic.

A stone wall containing fountains or a fireplace or other beautiful features can not only cut you off from life outside your yard, they can make you want to spend more time outside than in. Consider putting some of the features on the outside of the wall to make the barrier more attractive from all sides.