Foundation Planting - Dress up the Exterior of your Home

From on May 07, 2008 in Landscaping

flowers foundationThe foundation of your home is very important. It literally carries the full weight of the building on its typically “ugly” shoulders. Despite your love for its functional aspects, there is no denying that most raised foundations are unattractive. So how can you cleverly disguise and dress-up this unsightly necessity?

How about creative planting? What better way to camouflage something than to cover it with beautiful foliage? There is actually a science to foundation planting that is all too often neglected; and instead of fulfilling its purpose, fails miserably.

Carefully choose your plants. When choosing your plants, look for ones that match both the style of your home as well as the natural surrounding landscape. You want your landscaping to blend quietly into your home, complimenting it without detracting from it. Planting taller plants and shrubs at the corners of your house will help to soften the edges. Smaller shrubs work better beneath windows, and a climbing vine of some sort attached to a trellis works wonderfully against bare walls.

Purposely arrange your plants. Have taller plants in the back, medium shrubs in-between, and colorful flowers in the front. You can even throw in decorative additions such as attractive rocks or a garden bench. A contrasting ground covering such as bark or gravel can serve to set-off the greenery while preventing the growth of weeds.

Strategically plan for different seasons. Choose a combination of plants that bloom at different times of the year while maintaining consistent foliage year-round. You don’t want the typical barren look in fall and winter seasons. Another important tip to remember in foundation planting is to make sure you have a thick enough row of plants. One row of shrubs is not enough, that is why the terraced effect works well.

Be careful to choose plants that will work for the long-haul. This article offers some helpful suggestions for fool-proof shrubs. Pry open both your landscaping contractor’s brain along with your local nurseries to help you choose the right plants for your area.