Green Wednesday: 5 Reasons to Choose Native Plants

From on June 04, 2008 in Landscaping

native plantsMany of us can remember some yard or landscape somewhere that just took our breath away, and we would love to recreate the look in our own yard. As alluring as that sounds, sometimes you’re only looking for a maintenance nightmare if you choose plants that differ too much from the native varieties. Choosing native plants is a form of landscaping referred to as “naturescaping.” Here are some reasons why naturescaping is preferable.

  • Supports biodiversity. Planting native varieties supports biodiversity, allowing the plants and the surrounding ecosystem to support each other and thrive together.
  • Supports our natural heritage. It seems like everything has been scientifically altered and bred to become something better. Naturescaping takes us back to our natural heritage and a more simple way of life.
  • Reduces pollution. In traditional methods of planting, higher amounts of fertilizers and chemicals are required to support the plant in a location out of its native region. This contributes to the pollution of both the air and water, causing an increased health risk.
  • Encourages livability and nurtures the native wildlife. The more native the environment is to a species, the more likely it will grow and thrive.
  • Supports healthy pollination. Many plants rely on pollination, and if planted in the right areas, will properly support each other.

Native planting will save you work, money, and water, along with reducing the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Many people feel they cannot be successful at horticulture and gardening unless they have a natural green thumb. All you need is an understanding of the basics required. It helps to have a professional start you off on the right foot, so request free estimates from certified landscaping contractors in your area.