Green Wednesday: 5 Landscaping Alternatives to Grass

From on June 04, 2008 in Landscaping

rock-garden.jpgGrass is definitely one of our favorite groundcovers; but, it requires a large amount of water and energy to maintain its lush greenery. Maybe it’s time to consider some attractive alternatives.

  • A rock garden. A rock garden is inexpensive to install, and can be as simple or as elaborate as you decide to make it. Combine your favorite rocks, a decorative groundcover, and a few choice plants, and you have a rock garden.
  • A deck, patio, or courtyard. Each of these options offers a clean, decorative surface for family fun and hours of entertainment. You can place flower pots or container gardens on the deck to add a splash of live color.
  • An organic garden. Grow healthy, mouth-watering vegetables for your family that are free of pesticides and full of nutrition.
  • A gazebo. A gazebo is a wonderful place to relax in the heat of summer. Enjoy a good book or afternoon tea with a close friend in its shady recesses.
  • A bark-lined planter bed. A well-planned planter can be an attractive compromise to having a lawn, and can still fill your yard with lively color and natural beauty.

Xeriscaping is another alternative to lawns. The term xeriscape is derived from the Greek term “xeros” which means dry, and scape. The science behind this form of landscaping encourages the use of drought-resistant plants that don’t require very much water to survive.

Each of these options presents a beautiful alternative that will require less water, electricity, and labor to maintain; all while creating a unique yard that will stand apart from the rest. Work with your professional landscaping contractor to create just the right look for your yard.