Favorite Spring Landscaping Projects

From on April 10, 2008 in Landscaping

Apart from cleaning up all of the pine needles and debris left over from a long winter, what other landscaping projects can your yard benefit from? Here are some ideas to get your landscape blooming for the spring. Build raised planters. What signifies spring better than the first appearance of the first colorful blossoms? How about building some raised planter beds to accommodate your plants? Try building your beds out of decorative block, installing a drip irrigation system for efficient and easy watering, planting colorful flowers, and then completing the look with a bark groundcover. Renovate your deck or patio. With warm summer days and long pleasant evenings approaching, it’s time to fix up that dilapidating deck or patio. Your summer barbeque will be so much more enjoyable on a quality, clean surface. With so many low-maintenance materials available today, you can eliminate that burdensome maintenance from your “honey-do” list once and for all. Throw in a new barbeque or outdoor kitchen while you’re at it. Set your irrigation up right. Did you spend all of last summer stressing over keeping your lawn green and moving hoses around your yard to keep your shrubbery alive? Did you freak out over that August water bill or pay a neighborhood child to water your yard while you were on vacation? Maybe it’s time to break down and properly install a quality irrigation system. WaterSense will assist you in planning a system that minimizes water output. Have your landscaping contractor install a system that is fully self-sufficient, complete with timers. Then, spend your summer evenings relaxing with friends and family instead of lugging heavy hoses around. Install a pool or water feature. Now is the perfect time to install a new pool. You can have everything in place, complete with the surrounding landscaping, before the summer heat arrives. Add a bubbling water feature and you’ll have a beautiful backyard that becomes the envy of the neighborhood. Spring is the epitome of a time where new life and optimism are abundant. The warmth of the sun is a welcome reprieve from the damp days of winter. Now is the time to get all of your spring chores taken care of to allow you to relax and fully enjoy the delights of summer. Get some help with your spring projects and request a free estimate from a certified landscaping contractor today.