Fall Colors for Landscapes and Porches

From on September 26, 2008 in Landscaping

Following the colors of nature is a seasonal passion for landscaping and gardening lovers. While some colors provide the backdrop for all seasons, the colors you choose to celebrate each season are an opportunity to refresh your house and landscape’s look. Freshening up exterior areas with color is satisfying – especially after the practical work of garden and landscape maintenance and preparation for the fall and winter weather to come. Fall LeaveLet’s start with Green:

  • As summer fades and fall comes on, the shades of green in your garden will change.
  • Notice which trees will lose their leaves in the dormant season. Are there evergreen plants at the base of these trees, or will the trees fade into the background, putting the focal points in other areas of the landscape?
  • Take extra care with all your evergreens. Trim, water, fluff branches, and add mulch at the base of the trees and plants.
  • Plant porch containers with box topiaries or ivy, or other green things that will live through the winter.


  • Fewer colors say “Fall’s Here!” as clearly as orange.
  • Chrysanthemums are plentiful at this time of year; orange ones look great in annual beds and in pots or baskets on your porch.
  • Pumpkins, large and small, are fabulous seasonal accents – long lasting and lovely. And you can carve them into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.
  • Terra cotta containers are an all-year-round investment for landscapes and porches.


  • The deep tones of purple are elegant and tasteful, and brighter, magenta tones add splash.
  • Decorative kale and cabbages can give your annual beds a unique look for the fall and winter.
  • Pansies in dark purples complement beds and pots, and come in hardy varieties that thrive in colder weather.
  • Purple grapes are plentiful at harvest time, and grapevines can add grace to fences and trellises from spring through fall. The heavy purple clusters of grapes will signal the harvest season of the fall.

If a few browsing trips to your local garden centers don’t fill you up to bursting with ideas for fall landscapes and porch containers, be on the lookout for pumpkin patches in your area – they are great fun for all ages and celebrate the season’s colorful bounty.