Entering and Exiting your Landscape with Style

From on September 09, 2008 in Landscaping

front porchWhen you walk out your back door, what do you see? Do you envision a relaxing place to take in the sounds of nature and breathe fresh air? Or do you encounter the cracked porch, the kids’ toys scattered, and the rest of the garden sprawling to the edges of the old fence? The latter can feel overwhelming. The first impact from entering your landscape affects how much time you want to spend there, and even how much you want to come back to share it with others. This is especially true with front entrances.

Of all places, your front and back doors should be inviting. The front door is the entrance to your domain and the defining feature of your home’s exterior. Think about whether your doors need a little sprucing up. Can you do a little painting, perhaps add new hardware and decorative molding? It may even be time to get a new door altogether.

What about that porch? Do you have a relaxing area to sit right outside your front door? Is it accessible? Replace concrete steps with beautiful brick leading out into the garden or front yard. If not brick, make your materials inviting and aesthetically pleasing in relation to the rest of your home and landscape. I believe the walkway to the front door should inspire one to stop for a moment and take in the view of the house, while the pathway from the back door should encourage one to keep exploring.

Consider boundaries. Are there fences, hedges, or trees surrounding certain areas of the yard? Are the gateways to these areas inviting? Gates can be wood designed to fit with the designs on doors and windows of your home, or they can be iron with a more open design. Make sure the gate and any surrounding boundary hints to the wonders on the other side.

Arbors or pergolas make stunning entries into specific areas of a landscape. With a touch of romance in the way of a vine or climbing roses, these entries can complement your landscape down a path to a pond, around the corner of the house leading to the front or backyard. Or they can become the magical gateway to the kids’ play area.

So, don’t just walk out the door, turn around, and walk right back in! Take up a remodeling project and start transforming the entries and exits of your landscaping into an inviting breath of fresh area and relaxation. Check out some great ideas. Make sure that if the project is a little much, seek the professionals; it always is worth it in the end.