Easy-Care Landscape Ideas

From on April 16, 2008 in Landscaping

The weekend is finally here, and you already have a full list of chores calling your name. Before you know it, it’s Sunday evening, and you’ve spent your entire weekend mowing lawns, watering, pruning, and performing other maintenance around your yard. Are you tired of having your life dominated by yard care? Well, maybe before spring is in full swing, you should give your yard a makeover. A well-planned irrigation system is a must. One of the most time-consuming and stressful elements of yard-maintenance is keeping everything moist and green throughout the hot days of summer. You want a system that is well laid out, provides plenty of coverage, and is efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. Go to WaterSense, a government sponsored program, that will assist you in setting up a water-saving irrigation system. You can potentially reduce your water consumption by up to 15% annually by taking advantage of this program. Adequate ground covering is essential. Inevitably, weeds tend to take over when bare ground is exposed. Why not set your yard up right to begin with, and cover as much of the troublesome areas as possible? “Groundcover” can actually encompass many different materials. Maybe your backyard could benefit from a patio or deck. A green lawn is always nice. Add definition with a pathway made of pavers. Have your landscaping contractor build raised planters and plant easy-care perennials. The key to bark, gravel, and other loose ground covering is to include a weed-barrier landscape cloth. Two layers of this cloth should completely eliminate weed growth. Choose trees and shrubs that are low-maintenance. It normally isn’t advisable to cut down mature trees, even if they do litter your yard with leaves and pine-needles. However, if you are starting from scratch, choose trees and plants that will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but easy to clean up after. There are many varieties of evergreen trees that provide shade and privacy year-round. Plus, they don’t drop leaves, seed pods, or pine needles. Choose perennial plants and flowers that will flower and return year-after-year. A properly designed landscape should require very little maintenance short of occasionally mowing a lawn or sweeping a pathway. You can not only make other plans for your weekend, but maybe spend some time relaxing in the pleasant beauty of your own backyard. Request a free-estimate from a professional landscaping contractor today to get a handle on your summertime chores.