Brick and your Landscaping Project

From on May 30, 2008 in Landscaping

Brick Landscaping PathwayBrick is a timeless favorite that has been passed down through the generations and remained a constant in architecture. Not commonly used as the sole building material as it was in times passed, it is now used more as a decorative feature. Is brick the right choice for your landscaping project?

For thousands of years, brick has been made out of clay and water, and then fire baked. Today’s market also offers an imitation product made out of colored concrete. The real clay product will be more durable, growing more attractive with age; whereas, the artificial products will fade and shrink overtime. Different bricks are made to withstand varying degrees of severe weather. Some models will absorb water, freeze, and then chip and potentially come loose. Brick can initially be more expensive than other materials, but its durable qualities and long life make up for the higher initial expense.

Brick comes in shades of gray, deep reds, tans, pinks, and antique shades of powdery whites and blacks. Brick can be set in concrete on the front of your home, in a pathway, used to build attractive planters, as a chimney, to build decorative columns, and even used as fencing. It can also be laid in sand as a paving stone.

Brick has been loved for so long, you are almost guaranteed that it will not go out of style anytime soon. If you do decide to incorporate it into your landscape or exterior of your home, it will not become dated as some other rocks tend to do. Talk with a professional contractor about pricing and installing brick verses other products in your landscape design.

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