Charming Trees for Small Spaces

From on September 11, 2009 in Landscaping

Smaller-sized trees can save you a world of homeowner headaches. Carefully choosing petite trees that still offer a full-size bang is essential for “lushing” up a limited landscape. When you’re shopping around, pay special attention to soil and water requirements, replanting tolerance, planting location, and plant hardiness zone charts that inform about the tree’s durability in your climate. Here are some small tree suggestions that go a shade farther than most.

redbud small spaces tree

Dr. Mike Dirr, a horticulturist at the University of Georgia, said this about the Eastern Redbud: “No equal, no competitor can be found among small flowering landscape trees.” The Redbud, along with the Flowering Dogwood, both rank in the top 10 most popular under-30-foot trees. The Redbud doesn’t actually have red flowers – it’s the tree’s magenta buds and pink flora, accompanied by dark, bluish-green, heart-shaped leaves, that often affirms it as the showiest.

spring kousa dogwood treesourwood treeTrees described as “four-season” bear colorful flowers and fruit throughout the spring and summer, change leaf colors with autumn’s arrival, and have distinctive bark and branching patterns for a dramatic display in winter. Four-season trees that range in height from 20 to 40 feet include the Japanese Stewartia, the Sourwood and the Kousa Dogwood, a hardier version of the Flowering Dogwood.

Here’s the Sourwood tree in fall. Few other trees can match the Sourwood’s bright red and orange leaves.

malus tree small spaces

Other great, little trees are the textural Japanese Maples, Crabapples with blossoms and fruit, Amur Maples and the muscular American Hornbeam. So get to diggin’ and bark up the right tree. Your yard is leafing it up to you to come up with just the right tree.