Building the Perfect Bird-Bath

From on June 12, 2008 in Landscaping

bird-bath.jpgDon’t you just love the sounds of happy chortling and splashing of little birds as they play in a bird-bath? What better way to capture a joyful part of nature and turn it into a pleasing focal-point than through a beautiful bird-bath. Here is how you can build the perfect bird-bath in your backyard.

Begin by selecting a location that will be sure to catch a lot of attention, both by you and the birds. As Las Pilitas garden design points out, birds can be quite particular as to the location. They don’t want to be too exposed as bait for predators, nor do they want to be hidden in the bushes. Once you have a location, you have the option to have your plumbing contractor run the necessary water supply to ensure a fresh supply of water. Depending on how extravagant you plan for the project to be, many birdbaths are fully self-contained and don’t require an active water source.

Solar bird bath fountains, for example, are completely solar powered and circulate the same water through a hidden water reservoir. Companies like Bird Bath and Beyond offer these fountains.

There are several pre-manufactured birdbath models you can purchase ready made, or you and your contractor can create your own unique design. Create a configuration out of large rocks, or build something with concrete molds. Mount it on a decorative pillar, or a large stump for more of a natural look. You can purchase the necessary pumps and other accessories that normally come in the ready-to-use varieties.

After you have the basics in place, add the surrounding effects. Birds love it if there are small bushes nearby, and flowers are the perfect choice. Work with your landscaping contractor to create a beautiful setting that you can relax and watch for hours.

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