Building a Sandbox and Other Kid-Friendly Ideas for Your Landscape

From on June 17, 2008 in Landscaping

play setSpending a lot of time outdoors is not only healthy for children, but it makes your life easier if they are happily and safely occupied. Before you address the activity ideas, evaluate the overall condition of your yard. Are there any improvements you can make to make the yard more child-friendly? A solid fence is important, both for containing the children and protecting them from intruders. Look for any other possible dangers such as large rocks, bodies of water, or dilapidating buildings.

Here are a few ideas that your children will love and find countless hours of enjoyment from.

  • A playset. You can buy these playground sets at most department stores, or your contractor can custom build something to fit your child’s specific needs.
  • A sandbox. These are quite simple to build and will provide hours of entertainment without having to head to the beach. Be sure your contractor includes a protective covering to prevent animals and insects from invading.
  • A wading pool. These should only contain water when you are there to provide supervision.
  • A large lawn. Children are drawn to the clean and cool surface of a lawn in the summer heat.
  • A playhouse. Children love to play “house,” and will love the opportunity to set up their own little space.

Rachel Koning Beals quotes this statistic on MSN’s Marketwatch,

“The average American home with a toddler has the TV on six hours a day and more than 60% of kids ages 2-5 don’t have access to daily outdoor play, says research and advocacy organization Playing for Keeps.”

Take your children back to a more simple time before the world relied so heavily on electronics for entertainment. Request estimates from landscape contractors in your area today.