Easy Accent for Your Yard: Build a Rock Garden

From on May 09, 2008 in Landscaping

rock garden

Maybe you live in a harsh climate, don’t have a green thumb, or simply want to add a different twist to your yard. A rock garden is a great addition to any yard, with a unique beauty all of its own. The official definition of a rock garden is a “type of garden that features extensive use of rocks or stones, along with plants native to rocky or alpine environments.”

The first step to building your rock garden is to select your location. You can either take advantage of an already rocky terrain, or bring in choice rocks to one specific spot. Rock gardens are normally small for easy maintenance, and work well on a slope to encourage good drainage.

Next, choose your rocks. An ideal rock garden features a variety of interesting and colorful rocks. For the main groundcover, you will want to have a truckload brought in from a local quarry or landscape supplier. For the accent pieces, you can either purchase them from a supplier, or find them yourself from nature hikes. The size of your garden will restrict this to a certain extent, but it is recommended to have several large rocks at least 200 lbs or more in weight.

Once you have your groundcover and accent pieces selected, choose accompanying plants that compliment but don’t steal the show. It is recommended to keep a basic unified plan when choosing plants. Avoid planting too many different colors or types of plants, as this will create a cluttered and disorganized effect. Some slow-spreading varieties are highlighted in this chart: Rock Garden Plants.

Talk with your landscape contractor about incorporating a rock garden into your landscape. He or she should have additional information about rock dealers and suppliers, as well as plants and rocks native to your area.