7 Great Paver Possibilities

From on December 18, 2007 in Landscaping

Paving Possibilities

Take your landscaping project up a notch with pavers. Here are 7 ideas for pavers on the walkway, poolside, courtyard, front path, patio, yard, and driveway. Pavers come with flexibility in design and material selection. In addition, installing this time-tested product can help make your landscape safe as well as aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Get artistic with concrete. A surprising medium for creativity, concrete pavers accommodate color, etched designs, and limitless shapes on your walkway. And just because a concrete walkway can compete with your garden for attention doesn’t mean it isn’t strong, durable, and flexible, too.
  2. Surround your pool with beautiful brick pavers. Slip resistant brick pavers resist chlorine and help your swimmers go in and out of the pool safely.
  3. Create a courtyard fit for royalty with natural stone that withstands the test of time. Known for color, shape, texture, and appearance, natural stone is the most popular material for pavers. The great thing about natural stone is even if your neighbor also has stone pavers, your own courtyard will always be one-of-a-kind.
  4. One possibility for natural stone is granite. Polished granite pavers for your front path help make coming home a luxury. Your pavement will hold up against heavy foot traffic and gracefully handle a lifetime of service.
  5. Try this patio pleaser: flexible clay pavers. Clay pavers come in wedges that are ideal for creating circular patterns, fans, or curves to enhance your patio.
  6. Use rock formations for a natural rustic yard. Using boulders or rocks, create designs and shapes around your yard for outdoor highlights that complement your paver material of choice.
  7. Instead of dull poured concrete on your driveway, try interlocking concrete pavers. These durable pavers can be arranged in many patterns and are a breeze to install and repair.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what you can do with pavers, contact a certified landscape and design professional such as Natural Landscaping Contractors in Berkeley and M2 Landscape in Corte Madera for free installation estimates!