5 Unexpected Landscape Structures

From on June 30, 2008 in Landscaping

green roofTake your landscaping into medieval times with a drawbridge. If extensive stonework and water features are key to your landscape, then a drawbridge may be that unexpected touch that turns heads and drops jaws. It can serve as an entrance from the garden to the home, over a stream bed or moat, or along the exterior of the house. Get a visual idea of how a drawbridge, and other bridges, can work in your landscape at The Green Scene.

Sculptures are as timeless as art itself. From the Egyptians to the Greeks to your backyard landscape, a garden sculpture can be an elegant centerpiece to your landscape design. A sculpture can be part of a fountain or pond, a focal point of your patio, or any number of other ideas. Have a look at some garden sculptures at Outdoor Creations.

Move your landscape upstairs with a green roof. Turn that flat roof over the garage into a garden, or get creative with your latest home addition. Green roofs can be as functional or as elegant as you like. They are still quite rare in the United States but are fairly common in Europe, mostly in a commercial setting. But what a way to make your home stand out, and your garden stand up!

Warm friends and family up with an outdoor fireplace. Fireplaces can do more than heat your home, they can make for a warm, inviting patio and landscape. There are pros and cons to outdoor fireplaces, and your choices range from a standing, portable version to a fully built stone structure.

Many expressive homeowners are turning their old tool sheds into a new landscaping trend. Whether backyard mini-bars or small art studios, garden sheds have been redefined as yet another creative, and unexpected, outlet for the ambitious landscaper.