5 Brilliant Blooms to Chase Those Winter Blues Away

From on April 07, 2010 in Landscaping

Although most of us still sadly have a month to go before the days of sandals and swimming pools, at least we can enjoy the brilliant blooms that spring and early summer are famous for. These flowering shrubs are so breathtakingly beautiful they might just make you want to kick-start the season by planting a garden of your own.

#1 - Endless Summer Hydrangea

spring garden hydrangea

This pretty-as-a-picture bloom, named the “endless summer” hydrangea, will last all the way from early spring to late summer. Even its leaves look amazing.

#2 - The Butterfly Bush

spring garden butterfly bush

Aptly called the butterfly bush, this shrub will last from early summer all the way to the first frost. And despite its angelic appearance, the plant’s tendency to be somewhat invasive if planted in certain areas means that it can hold its own quite well.

#3 - Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea

spring garden oakleaf

With its deep red and white flowers, this dwarf oakleaf hydrangea looks similar to raspberries from afar. It will grow to an impressive 3 feet in height and width, so make sure you have the room for it before planting.

#4 - Amber Rose

spring garden amber rose

Now who doesn’t like a good old fashioned rose? Named the Amber rose, these flowers will bloom repeatedly from late spring to the first frost and range in color from peach to apricot to gold.

#5 - Summersweet

spring garden summersweetEvery garden needs a fragrance, and this might be just the flower for that. The summersweet, or clethra, is a midsummer flower famous for its fragrant perfumes. It can also be found in shades of pink.

If you haven’t already started that garden, get a move on. It’s nature’s way of helping you decorate.

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