29 Unique Gardening Blogs

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There are so many good gardening blogs out there, written by people with sincere passion and respect for the endeavor, a strong, inspiring outlook, and genuinely helpful advice. That said, this list is by NO means comprehensive. Nevertheless, if you’re an experienced gardener but an inexperienced blogger, or an inexperienced gardener and experienced blogger, or another variation thereof, this list is a good place to start networking with like-minded folks or simply – to get some ripe ideas for your own blooming plot. A good way to expand your reading from here? Pick your favorites and check out who THEY’RE reading. Because gardens obtain their personalities based on where they’re located, the same usually goes for the blogs dedicated to them. Many garden blogs distinguish themselves by region and get clumped together in the same manner. I’ve attempted to group the ones below according to a unique perspective or approach to the topic of gardening.

“Green” gardening

Green Gardening Blogs

Seems like gardening and green would go hand in hand, but unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Landscapes, like every part of the home, can be designed for a gentler footprint. The Sustainable Gardening Blog is still about how to garden, but Gardening Coach Susan Harris approaches it in a way that contributes positively to the health of people and the environment. Andrea Bellamy’s Heavy Petal is also about organic gardening, but from an urban perspective. The Canada-based activist and garden writer posts about guerrilla gardening, for instance, and cultivating neglected, orphaned land. Blooms and Bees reminds readers to do things like keep a little water out for birds and bees during hot summer months in drought-infested regions. The Garden Wise Guy really is wise, helping to make sustainable landscapes a feasible reality, while actual local farmers are out there doing their thing and writing about it on blogs such as CSA Days. One Straw, however, about backyard farming, is written by a corporate worker who sees local food production as the paradigm for change.

For gardens of every kind

Gardening Blogs

Just because you don’t have a sprawling backyard doesn’t mean you don’t love plants! For apartment, condo, or loft dwellers with a green thumb, the Balcony Garden may be the blog for you. Sue Swift dedicates a container plant to each day, experimenting with balcony kitchen gardens and other such goodies from her Milan, Italy perch. The Home Garden is inspiration to all of you who treasure and tinker with your residential landscape, while Wild Flora’s Wild Gardening helps keep us mindful of birds, bugs, bees, and other critters trying to get along. We can’t forget that plants grow just as well indoors as they do out, and the Indoor Gardener will doubtless have advice for you in this arena.

There are lots of garden blogs that revolve around a specific plant type, such as Arboreality on trees, Aloe Garden Wilderness on, you guessed it, aloe cultivation, and Cactus Blog on cacti and succulents. And like I said above, regions are key to garden types, from desert gardening highlighted on Water When Dry to Cold Climate Gardening, featuring hardy plants that grow in one New York garden. To find a blog based in your region, check out Sustainable Garden’s blog roll, organized by location.

Gardeners growing food

Gardening Blogs

We all know that buying food locally makes more sense on multiple levels, from supporting community farmers to getting better food that doesn’t need to be shipped via a fossil fuel-run vehicle. And you can’t get more local than your own backyard! In My Kitchen Garden blogger Farmgirl Susan knows this. My Tiny Plot based in England is also about vegetable gardening and cooking your delicious homegrown veggies. Kitchen Gardeners International is dedicated to gardening and growing, for foodies.

Interesting gardeners

Bumble BeeThey aren’t hard to find. Most people who appreciate a little dirt and know how to make it productive and why are well worth having a conversation with. What would you ask the Plant Hunter, for instance? He travels the world for a living, in search of rare plants. Then he writes about it in his blog and elsewhere. Gardening and Yardening is posted by a couple, one the gardener, the other the yardener, both who have columns about their respective specialty. Not every gardener out there is an expert, though, and it can be refreshing to relate to someone like the self-proclaimed novice gardener of Adventures in My Urban Garden. Perhaps the best thing about these blogs is they’re written by regular people, many with regular jobs, but who take the time to make gardening and writing about it a lifestyle because it matters. Take Robin of Bumblebee Blog, for instance, or Gardening While Intoxicated’s Elizabeth Licata. If you’re looking for gardening news, there’s a resource that reposts garden articles from great sites around the web. It’s called Garden Voices.

Staff picks

Then again, don’t take my word for it! Here are more favorite gardening and landscaping blogs nominated by members of the CalFinder staff:

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Garden Guides

Whew! Thanks for hanging in there with a long post. I hope it was a helpful starting point. If you don’t see your absolute favorite blog on the list, please send in a comment!