10 Things Your Landscaping Says about You

From on September 19, 2008 in Landscaping

Garden path

Perhaps the loveliest thing about visiting family and friends in their homes and gardens is feeling embraced by the warmth of their care. I always consider it a gift to be invited into someone’s personal living environment. Inveterate observer of people that I am, it amazes and delights me to learn about people simply by spending time with them in their surroundings.

Being of “a certain age,” with the perspective of moving through various stages in life, I see how each phase has its gifts and challenges. And I see that the importance people place on landscaping has a lot to do with where they are in life. Where is their focus? What are their priorities? How do they like to spend their energy? These questions are often answered, to some degree, by their grounds and gardens. By observing and appreciating someone’s outdoor world, you can gain a lot of insight into the people you care about.

Here are 10 Things Your Landscape Might Be Saying:

  1. You like to do your own landscaping and gardening, or you prefer to have those projects handled by professionals. Or, at the moment, au natural is working for you.
  2. You like an easy-to-maintain approach, or you glory in digging in the dirt, spending time on your grounds and in your gardens.
  3. You have a passion for container gardening, or prefer plantings to be in the ground, or both.
  4. You like simplicity and fewer plants, trees, and shrubs, or you prefer a great abundance of sizes, varieties, and planted areas.
  5. You love flowers.
  6. You love to grow vegetables and fruits.
  7. You’re busy growing children, and play areas on the grounds are among the most used and enjoyed spaces.
  8. You value extensive, cultivated acreage, and many landscaped areas invite a stroll through garden paths, with fountains and statuary and benches here and there for quiet moments in a private natural sanctuary.
  9. You’re keeping your personal landscaping to the manageable scope of your private balcony or patio with an elegant container garden of interesting, eye-catching plants and flowers that spark garden-oriented conversations with guests.
  10. You like to share your individuality and celebrate the changing of the seasons with different landscape accents throughout the year, or you prefer a more private, unobtrusive façade to present to passers-by.

Whatever your landscape is saying to others, the most important thing is what it’s saying to you. Above all, hear it say, “Welcome Home.”