Wood Kitchens, More Beautiful with Time

From on August 28, 2008 in CalFinder News

Today’s blog post is the first from a new CalFinder writer, Dela. Dela is a real estate writer and ghost writer whose interests include history, poetry, and children’s stories. She has a long history with do-it-yourself projects. She has refinished hardwood floors, helped build add-ons, done lots of landscaping, and learned a lot from other people’s “dos” and “don’ts” in their ventures. Dela has 5 sons. Here’s her first post:

My brother-in-law is a welder by trade, but since meeting my sister, he has become a wood craftsman by love. She decides on a project and he builds it. He has built several pieces of furniture over the years and they have turned out beautifully. These last few years, they have been on a mission of remodeling their 3 bedroom home. The latest room was the kitchen. They didn’t just give it a face-lift, they changed everything, from ceiling lighting, plumbing for the new sink area, and electrical for the confection oven, to subflooring and tile flooring. And it has turned out stunningly!

I have to say that the most striking thing about this new kitchen is that everything is wood and granite. When planning this kitchen, among the many things they did was look at kitchen styles and types of wood on websites. So I went on some websites myself to take a look at what seems to be the trend in kitchens now. No more of the Formica and linoleum, steel and press wood! Don’t get me wrong, those things make for great kitchens, but it seems like solid wood and more natural materials are definitely the charm of today’s kitchens. Not only does wood come in so many beautiful species - oak, maple, cherry, birch, ash - but it can be stained or painted to fit any color scheme you have in mind.

My sister decided on a cherry wood that worked with her Tuscany décor. It really gives it that “old world” feeling throughout the whole dining and kitchen area. The first time I stepped into the house, after they finished, it was like stepping into a forest. What I mean is the smell. Fresh cut wood. I just ran my hands over everything: smooth, fresh, and very inviting. Not only does wood bring a unique style to a kitchen, with natural grain patterning, it is long lasting and durable. On work surfaces, like chopping blocks, wood doesn’t get old, it ages. Wood can be in almost any space of your kitchen; cabinets, flooring, ceilings - if you can imagine it, it can be done. Check it out if you’re planning on some changes to your kitchen. You won’t regret making the changes that could last a life time.

I think wood becomes even more beautiful with time, like love. I wonder how my brother-in-law will take it if I start referring to him as the “craftsman of love”…hmmm