Where to Find Kitchen Remodeling Photos

From on September 29, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Your new kitchen is out there. You may not have the clearest idea of what it’ll look like after your kitchen remodel, but that’s what the web is for. Don’t wrack your brain trying to design it all yourself! You may want to pull oak cabinets from one kitchen and a contemporary layout from another - and that’s OK. Your contractor will thank you for having detailed photos at the ready.


We’ve searched the web high and low for the most comprehensive photos. Check out these 5 fantastic kitchen remodel photo galleries below:


- Here to help the homeowner gain as much knowledge as possible about kitchen design, Kitchens.com features tons of information, industry resources and a photo gallery filled with pictures, ideas and floor plans.

SeaPointe Construction

- This construction company is geared specifically toward kitchen and bathroom remodeling in South Orange County, CA, but don’t let the geography fool you - they have an extensive kitchen photo gallery for your leisurely browsing. Organized by style categories, such as traditional, transitional and contemporary, you’ll likely find some great ideas here.

CalFinder - This online national service provider is dedicated to linking quality and qualified remodeling contractors with homeowners who are ready to make a change. Not only will you find the right contractor you need for any job, but everything else that pertains to home remodeling: tips and ideas, articles from the Remodeling Blog

and of course, sparkling kitchen photo galleries.


My Home Renovation

- This New York/New Jersey-based website is a full-service design and remodeling company geared toward becoming a nationally recognized treasure. In their attempt, they have compiled an impressive kitchen remodeling photo gallery that’s full of great ideas.

KSI Kitchen and Bath

- Based in Michigan and Ohio, KSI specializes in kitchen and bathroom planning and design. Not only do they help with a kitchen project from plan to installation, but they also carry several lines of building products to simplify the process. For a clearer sense of what they can do - and better yet - what you can do, take a look at their FIVE kitchen photo galleries.