Where Can I Find a Pre-owned Kitchen?

From on May 01, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

Just as I did when I first heard of this concept, I’m sure you’re asking “what is a preowned kitchen, and would I even want one?” In the world of high-dollar homes, many new owners will purchase the home with the intention of remodeling to fit their own style. In the process, many practically new appliances, custom cabinets, and beautiful countertops and sinks are thrown out. Unless you’re intent on having everything “brand new,” there are some great deals to be had; and we’re not talking about bottom-of-the-line here. So how often does this occur, and how hard is it to find such a scenario? Bothered by the thought of expensive materials going to the landfill, recyclers such as Green Demolitions have sprung up. The Green Demolitions organization will go in, remove the kitchen, and resell the products both online and in warehouses. The foundation donates the profits, and the homeowner can claim a charitable contribution on their taxes. The kitchens can be purchased both as units or broken down into individual pieces. Even with concerns of recession, homeowners at the multi-million dollar level will not be affected as much and will continue to renovate. Higher costs will be felt for the majority of homeowners, and taking advantage of one of these services may be a great way to save some money without compromising quality. One note of caution, because these are primarily nonprofit organizations, the products more than likely will not have a warranty or guarantee. Other organizations like Green Demolitions include Build It Green, Driftwood Salvage, and Habitat ReStores. Do a little research in your area, and find out what resources are available to you. Perhaps you can save a little while still installing a beautiful custom kitchen. Work with your kitchen contractor to create just the right kitchen for you.