What’s in a Custom Kitchen Installation?

From on October 08, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

What’s hot in custom kitchens? When my husband and I gutted and remodeled two kitchens, our definition of “custom” design meant custom cabinets, quartz countertops and high-end appliances. His sister’s remodel included a six-burner gas stove, stone floors and granite counter tops. And our neighbors decided for them it meant lighted glass front cabinets, a concrete sink and quiet dual dishwashers, one for cookware and the other for dishes and glassware.

The dictionary definition for customization is anything made or modified to personal taste. Defining a custom kitchen installation is impossible - that’s what makes it custom. What’s not impossible is recognizing one. When you see it, you know it.

Here are some ideas for your out-of-the-ordinary cook space:

custom kitchen installation

Custom cabinets, pulls and knobs can be simple and oh, so stylish. Lit cabinets and clear or decorative glass doors are in. The cabinetry can offer a classic 18th century appeal with mahogany, or a sleek look with hard lines and reflective surfaces. Both speak volumes of custom décor. Islands, funky or furniture-style, can be useful and unique.

custom kitchen installation appliancesBuilt-in appliances blend a refrigerator and dishwasher with the cabinetry, giving a clean and consistent look throughout the kitchen.

custom kitchen installation refrigeratorcustom kitchen installation ovenDesigner appliances come in a variety of shapes and sizes, like Liebherr’s Flexible Fridge mix-and-match modulars, starting at $7,800. Or pro-grade cooking centers like this steam and convection oven combo from Ariston Appliances for $1,999.

custom kitchen installation range hoodRange hoods constructed from vogue materials like copper, brass and combined glass and stainless can add creative flair over the stove.

custom kitchen installation sinkMulti-tasking sinks include everything and the kitchen sink. There’s a cutting board, colander, in-counter cutlery, drain tray and more! So much more that it’s not just a place to rinse vegetables and wash dishes - it’s a workstation complete with water.

custom kitchen installation wine coolerWine coolers, built-in and walk-in, have gained popularity for the socializing household and the wine connoisseur. Attractive wine labels tempt the remodeler to show off the collection of bottles through a glass front.

custom kitchen installation warming drawerWarming drawers are a hot item, or at least a warm one. Great for keeping casseroles heated and homemade breads butter-melting warm, this is a must-have for the busy family.

custom kitchen installation countertopsCountertops are most often the showpiece of the room. They’re the finish on an already classy look for specialty kitchens. Custom everything means put it all together and you’ve got specialty from top to bottom, wall to wall and inside out.