Free Standing Range vs. Built-In, Which Should You Choose?

From on May 14, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

RangeReplacing your appliances can be an exciting venture, what with all of the amazing new features, colors, and designs. Gas vs. electric, convection vs. conventional … so many things to decide in a short period of time it can leave your head spinning. One decision that is fairly uncomplicated is which range should you choose: free standing or built-in?

Sometimes the decision comes down to the location of the stove.

Free standing ranges are typically 30 inches in width. Built-ins tend to be slightly wider around 31.25 inches. If you have gutted your kitchen and can start from scratch, you’ll have no problem with each, as long as you figure in the right size when planning your cabinetry and countertopping.

One reason some may prefer a built-in is there is nothing to disrupt the flow of the backsplash.

They also slide seamlessly in to create a tight fit, making cleaning easier. Built-ins work better in islands as well. One plus to free-standing stoves, they can easily be removed and sold, and can stand just about anywhere.

Despite their minor differences, there doesn’t seem to be a large pull in one direction or another as far as public opinion goes.

It really comes down to your specific preferences. Both range designs offer the same features, just arranged differently. What appears to matter more to most consumers are which features are worth the expense and which ones they can live without. If you really have your heart set on one particular design, don’t allow the size to deter you. Most professional contractors will have no problem adjusting the space to fit just right. Request free estimates from certified contractors in your area today.