Von Löwen Designs: Kitchen Remodel Excellence

From on July 12, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

First off, it’s not often you encounter someone with an umlaut in their name. Second, it’s not often you find a design firm with this much coolness in one blog. We’ve found it. It’s called Von Löwen Designs.

von lowen kitchen cabinets

Von Löwen Designs is the namesake and brainchild of the blazing talent of one Lars Von Löwen. Von Löwen is a designer extraordinaire, and his blog is brimming with pictures of his creative works of art. Peek into the high-end residential abodes of Soho, Tahoe, or L.A., and you may just glimpse his handiwork. Although Von Löwen is based in the S.F. Bay Area, his fame is a lot bigger than just the Bay. His specialty is kitchens and baths. A brief poke around the blog will tell you that much.

von lowen kitchen remodel

Uber-Useful Resource Center

Lars has a colloquial writing style that is eminently helpful, altogether practical, and always focused on guiding the average home remodeler. He covers the topics that are most important in home repair. The blog has blossomed into a resource center that trumps any Home Depot fix-it guide. von lowen kitchen island

Von Löwen’s passion for green designs is one of the reasons that he ofers a level of excellence that goes beyond just stunning design. It seems like every few weeks, Lars is blogging about some fresh information in green design that gets his readers excited, motivated, and inspired to get a bit greener themselves.

von lowen kitchen backsplash

Upcoming Events

Speaking of Bay events, Von Löwen Designs just claimed the Best of the Bay Award for Kitchen and Bath design. That’s no small token of respect. The Best of the Bay awards are highly sought-after prizes that give a company the imprimatur of true excellence. Von Löwen received the award based on the votes between twenty-eight contestants. Not bad. von lowen bathroom remodeling

Von Löwen is taking it to the next level with a brand-new partnership they formed with HDR remodeling. HDR, for your information, stands for Honey Do Repair. Make no mistakes, however; Von Löwen plus HDR produces a product that honey could never do. Since HDR specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodels, and Von Löwen happens to specialize in the design of the same, the combination is win, win, win. The new partnership is creating beautiful green creations everywhere with their In-House Design Services, Construction Services, and Maintenance & Repair services.

Wanna see a very cool home repair blog…maybe one of the best in the business? Check it out: Von Löwen Designs.